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NH2034 Smart Li Ion Battery
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Part Numbers

NH2034HD31 : 6.2Ah

NH2034HD34 : 6.8Ah

Chemistry:   Lithium Ion
Voltage:  Vmax=16.8V     Vnom=14.4 V     Vcutoff=9.6V
Equivalent Lithium Content 8g
Max Current Discharge:


Max Continuous Power 77W (to cutoff voltage)
Weight:   435g / 15.3oz
Communications:   Fully SMBus Compatible
Data System:  Conforms to Smart Battery Specification
Charging:  Inspired Energy “CH” series desktop chargers such as CH5000 or CH4000  or a Level 3 SMBus Charger (Linear Tech 4100) recommended. Contact us for details of our standard open-frame embeddable charger boards
Height: 0.9″ / 23mm (See data sheet)
Length: 11.1″ / 282mm (See data sheet)
Width: 1.9″ / 42.5mm (See data sheet)
Mating Connector:   Click here to view compatible mating connectors. 
Recommended minimum battery cavity: 24 x 43mm cross-section. Battery centered within the cavity
NH2034HD31 Engineering Data Sheet
NH2034HD34 Engineering Data Sheet
NH2034 Typical Discharge Voltage Curves
NH2034 User Notes
REACH Download Declaration
RoHS2 Download Declaration
CE & FCC emissions & immunity Download Declaration
UN / DOT Transportation Download Declaration
Product Safety Data Sheet. Download
Material Safety Data Sheet for cells. Download

NRTL Agency Testing:

(IEC62133, UL2054, CSA, PSE, KC, CQC, BSMI, GOST, C-Tick, Mil-Spec, Def.Stan. etc…)

Standard product approvals are listed in the data sheets above.

Additional agency testing of these products can be arranged to meet your specific testing needs.

Please contact us for details and pricing




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